The Education Of A Superhero - The Cast

For those that came in late...
Marcus Trent was a reluctant leading innovator of home technologies. Shortly after leaving college he launched a humble repair service and this is where things escalated beyond his control. The shop was a success and quickly became a chain, the chain went citywide, countrywide and then global. Going from fixing things in a garage to boardroom meetings drove Marcus into hiding.
For years Marcus just cashed cheques, occasionally donating to charity enjoying a life of no worries with his dog, Barkley. As far as he was concerned the company was in better hands with his older brother Alexander. The peace wouldn't last however, and one day by chance, Julie Meyers, a Trent Technologies employee, found some canisters with NASA markings hidden in storage. These canisters contained the rare soil samples and atmospheric gases from Kepler-16b, Kepler-186f and HD 40307g realizing they were stolen from a recent space expedition, Julie contacted her old school friend Chuck Peters. Chuck tracked down his old friend and forced him to face up to his responsibilities and they discovered the company had become an integral part of the criminal underworld.
When confronted, Alex blamed the companies dark dealings on his brothers neglect. Any blood spilled with their tech or research was his responsibility. Wracked with guilt, Mark tried to return the canisters, but they proved volatile. He and Barkley were caught in an explosion that altered their biochemistry. With strange new abilities and The Seers aiding his fight. Mark, does the only thing he can think of to make it up to those he'd let down.

The Cast
(Continually updated)

The Insurgent

The Insurgent is viewed by the public and law enforcement as a group of vigilantes taking the mission of truth and justice into their own hands. In truth it is Marcus alone forever changed by an explosion.
Now Mark has several remarkable abilities:
Spontaneous cellular regeneration - He isn't bullet proof but he can heal almost immediately.

Pigmentation control - Able to alter his skin tone, hair, eye color and even create tattoos on a whim, he can vanish into a crowd almost instantly. Mark isn't a shape shifter so his sex, height, weight and body shape always stays the same. Luckily he carries a variety of clothing in a backpack.
Contact Telekinesis - Not having super strength this power means he can get quite close. He can cling onto an object like superglue or release it with almost bullet like force. Even though Barkley seems to have mastered this skill Marcus is still having trouble controlling it.
Bio luminescence - With focus Marcus can make his hands act like a flash bulb creating a single flash or series of short flashes of light to blind an opponent, or disorientate them.
These abilities are daylight dependent however and come sundown they switch off completely.
A telescopic single stick and smart watch are his only weapons.

Marcus Trent
Trent Technologies Former Founder
With renewed purpose, Mark now embraces his new life and responsibilities. He isn't a 24/7 superhero, instead relying on The Seers to notify him of missions only he can handle. In the meantime he has severed ties with Trent Technologies and lives as an inventor and app developer.

Barkley is Mark's loyal pet dog. Due to exposure to the canister contents Barkley shares the same abilities as Mark. As a normal dog he sports jet black fur but in action as 'Bull' he sports white fur.

The Resonance
Information Collective
Initially a group of software hackers, known as Seers, The Resonance has grown into a collective of people from all walks of life that Mark has helped that are willing to offer their own talents in his missions. An encrypted messaging app on cellphones is how The Seers communicate via their unique chat handles.

Chuck Peters - Seer
A filmmaker by day, programmer by night. Chuck runs the technology hub while Mark is out on missions.
As one of Mark's closest friends Chuck is part of both his real life and missions.

Black Hawk
Julie Meyers - Seer
Julie is a former Trent Technologies medical researcher and runs the laboratory in The Crates. She now runs a small medical center in East Lakeview.

Mikey Splaine  - Seer
A personal trainer, Mikey helps Mark hone his strength and fighting skills when his abilities fade. Originally a victim of a robbery Mikey was saved by Mark and persuaded to join The Seers soon after. Mikey performs in Lucky #9 touring across the country.

Elana Fuentes - Seer
Elana is a successful Hollywood actress and singer and forms the other half of a celebrity couple with Lucky. She is a skilled 'red herring' drawing crowds with her beauty so Mark can use the distraction to his advantage.

Linh Tong - Seer
There isn't a system that Linh has challenged that he cannot hack. He does it for fun but has to balance it with the responsibility of his day job as head of a homeless charity. 

Jeffrey Taylor - Seer
An investigative journalist, Jeffrey is always hunting for a good story and points Mark in the direction of anything he discovers in exchange for Mark's cooperation as an anonymous source in his next big scoop.

Michael Bailey - Seer
A radio DJ that is a master of audio visual equipment and aids The Insurgent with his pirate broadcasts.

Gerry Constantino - Seer
An auctioneer that keeps tabs on the buying and selling on the black market.

The Crates
Base Of Operations
A group of stacked abandoned shipping crates, home to Marcus Trent and secret hideout for mission nights.
Bear, Black Hawk and Lucky are the only members of the team to know its location. It houses a gym & laboratory, a technology hub and a makeshift apartment.
It is equipped with a DNA secure teleporter linked to several points of interest across Chicago.